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All referenced quotes presented on the sidebars in this website are taken from the book Teaching Gender with Libraries and Archives: The Power of Information, edited by Sara de Jong and Sanne Koevoets.

Song Sheet – “Reclaim The Night”

Song sheet and lyrics, date unknown

This song sheet was most likely created by a local feminist group as part of the Reclaim the Night marches in the 1980s, protesting sexual violence against women. Women came together in different cities to march against the threat of rape after the Yorkshire Ripper Peter Sutcliffe murdered 13 women and the authorities encouraged women to stay at home for their own ‘safety’. Feminist activists were concerned with reclaiming the night without the fear of male violence, opposing the idea that sexual violence would best be addressed by iimposing a curfew on women. Reclaim the Night marches continue to take place every year throughout many cities in the UK and beyond.

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Source: Feminist Archive North

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