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All referenced quotes presented on the sidebars in this website are taken from the book Teaching Gender with Libraries and Archives: The Power of Information, edited by Sara de Jong and Sanne Koevoets.

Poster – Picture Promises (Women’s History Series: 7)

By the Poster-Film Collective, 1983. Part of a series of posters on Women’s history.

This poster focuses on women in the 1930s, and particularly their experiences of the Great Depression, and relates to the rise of cinema which also occurred in that period.

7 picture promises


Unfortunately, we have not been able to take our own photos of this poster as the Feminist Archive North do not have a copy. In the image we obtained, the text is too small to be legible and so we cannot give any further information on its content.

To find out more about the Poster-Film Collective, click here.

Source: www.poster-collective.org.uk

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