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All referenced quotes presented on the sidebars in this website are taken from the book Teaching Gender with Libraries and Archives: The Power of Information, edited by Sara de Jong and Sanne Koevoets.

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Poster – The Problem That Has No Name: Women and Post-war American Consumer Society (Women’s History Series: 12)

Poster – War Gains (Women’s History Series: 10)

Poster – Germany 1933-45: A Woman’s Place (Women’s History Series: 9)

Poster – We Demand (Women’s History Series: 8)

Poster – Picture Promises (Women’s History Series: 7)

Poster – Women in Struggle (Women’s History Series: 6)

Poster – Private Morals, Public Order: The Beginnings of the Modern State (Women’s History Series: 5)

Poster – ‘Slaves & Angels’: Women & the Industrial Revolution (Women’s History Series: 4)

Poster – The Mastery Of Nature: The Age of Science & Reason (Women’s History Series: 3)

Poster – Witches: Healers & Midwives (Women’s History Series: 2)

Poster – Equal Toil, Unequal Place: Women & Feudalism (Women’s History Series: 1)

Poster – WLM ‘I danced’

Poster – ‘Sisterhood is Safer’

Poster – ‘At Home with the Tories’

Poster – Zero Tolerance Campaign

Poster – WLM Switchboard Calendar 1985

Poster – ‘Disabled Women at Work’

Poster – Women’s Studies, Bradford University

Poster – ‘Manual Trades Conference’

Poster – ‘Jerks at Work’

Poster – ‘Lesbians Are Everywhere’

Poster – ‘International Marxist Group – Revolution’

Poster – ‘Sahara Black Women’s Refuge’

Poster – ‘A Woman’s Place?’

Poster – ‘Witches Cauldron’

Poster – ‘We Demand’

Poster – United Nations Women’s Conference, Beijing 1995

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