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Using Archives to Teach Gender

Archives and libraries are lively, fast changing and thoroughly political space(s) with which students can engage both critically and creatively.

Sanne Koevoets and Sara de Jong

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All referenced quotes presented on the sidebars in this website are taken from the book Teaching Gender with Libraries and Archives: The Power of Information, edited by Sara de Jong and Sanne Koevoets.



This website offers a resource database with images and descriptions of over 150 artefacts and documents that relate to gender and feminism, and belong to the collections of the Feminist Archive North and the Marks & Spencer Company Archive.

This website was designed to serve as a useful resource for lecturers and teachers who teach sessions or modules on gender and feminism, at all levels of study, and also for students working on these topics. Here you can find a range of materials that will both enhance your teaching and learning, and save you time.

This includes:

This website is one of the outcomes of the University of Leeds Student Education Fellowship-funded project Using Archives to Teach Gender, coordinated by Maria do Mar Pereira. Working with her on the project was a team of extraordinary student research assistants: Eleanor Broadbent, Anna Colgan and Freya Potter.

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The Research Team:
Maria do Mar Pereira, Eleanor Broadbent, Anna Colgan and Freya Potter

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